Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Download Artav Antivirus

Free Download Artav Antivirus 2011 Free Latest Indonesia can be found now, with cardboard www.artavantivirus.com Indonesian children who master the ability to make very latest antivirus Indonesia named Artav antivirus, have a lot of wear and look for Artav Antivirus Download this apart yesterday as well there is an update and Download Latest SmadAV and Deep Freeze, now let's increase the security of our computers with antivirus use only locally-owned Indonesian children of our nation, now is not ya mo impatient Artav Download Antivirus 2011 Free Latest Indonesia this? 

earlier when there who do not know what the capabilities and updates from the following antivirus Artav little review about Artav Antivirus Download this: 

-Repairs On-RTP System ARTAV Virus Type-Additions 485 498 Heuristic Arrs, Shortcut, vbs -ARTAV-FlashScan, Namely Fast Scanning Process in FlashDisk / CD is inserted, and connected with Heuristic Database. Minimized-Display, Request ARTAVER -Improvements to the Settings Menu -Addition of 4 Languages (Bahasa.Indonesia, English, French and Bahasa Sunda) -Improved False Alarm On Heuristic Scanning -MailScanner-ARTAV, has been in the fix and very able to scan the Mail Account GMail 

 -ARTAV-Lock, disanding with the Windows Registry for more and stronger of the Virus Immune
ya you should know that this antivirus Download artav made and created by Arrival Dwi Sentosa, students in grade II SMP 48 Bandung, which also aided by his brother to make this Indonesian Antivirus Artav, Wew dah smp child can make the antiviral ya, that makes the peach goddess cb wkwkwkwkw, now with mengintstall artav antivirus on your windows in addition to making safe is also more comfortable and lightweight especially if he played well Fb gemscool and browse the more cool, well to be able to download 

the latest antivirus artav please click below. 

Click Here to Download Artav Antivirus. besides there are also ya you can download the DirectX 11 and the pdf reader for lengkapin company Ente, well hopefully your computer more secure by Download Artav Antivirus 2011 Free Latest Indonesia earlier.


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