Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Motorola Xoom Price

Motorola Xoom Price. BARCELONA - With the price of USD800 (Rp 7 million) per unit, Motorola's tablet computer output Xoom considered too expensive. However, Motorola's Mobility boss Sanjay Jha assume that prices are reasonable.

Yes, Motorola tablets whichis expected to be menyaingin dominance of Apple's iPad outputwas worth USD800 . That is, Motorola Xoom approximately 10 percent more expensive than the iPad, which already has a loyal customer.

However, Jha insists, the price is comparable with the features offered. "It felt, at speeds up to 50Mbps which we offer, the price that is fair enough," he said in the middle of the carpet Mobile World Congress.

"The tablet has a 3G network and can be upgraded for free to 4G. Menyaingin iPad is very important. We think, with the hardware and the capabilities we have, we stay competitive and better at some things," adds Jha as reported by the Telegraph, Sunday (02/20/2011).

It should be noted, users who buy a 3G device and just want to use Wi-Fi as an option for internet still have to sign up to get packages from the operators concerned and pay for airtime at least for a month.

Meanwhile, Xoom Wi-Fi version will be released at a price of $ 600 in the U.S., or not much different from the current price iPad. Motorola Xoom


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